Retail Program

Pyramid America and our sister companies currently hold over 300 active licenses.  By maintaining the most relevant and current licenses in the areas of music, movies, television, lifestyle, brand, and humor, Pyramid is able to bring to market the most pertinent and best selling titles.  Licensing is a key contributing factor to sustaining Pyramid America’s growth and a featured aspect of our future company strategy.  Through our partner company Pyramid International, we hold worldwide rights for most of our licenses.  Through our various partnerships, Pyramid America is able to continually expand our licensing with music merchandisers, movie studios, and photographers in order to bring more of the hottest trends and images to the market.  HBO, Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley, Lego, Marilyn Monroe, and The Godfather are just a few of the many licenses that Pyramid America offers.

In a constantly evolving marketplace, Pyramid America adjusts our product lines to meet the demands of all sections of the retail market.  By offering a variety of sizes, lenticular 3D posters, art prints, calendars, and postcards, Pyramid is able to give licensors a myriad of options of how to best penetrate various market segments.

Pyramid America offers licensors an amazing creative team that excels at creating approved market specific product s that come to retail in a matter of days.  Together with Pyramid’s excellent line of displays, industry leading catalog, enormous trade show presence, and trend setting marketing, licensors are assured to see unparalleled sales.  Maintaining the integrity of licenses is of the upmost importance to Pyramid America, and we work closely with our legal teams and partners to eliminate copyright violations.